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Thank you for showing an interest in selling your dress with Pretty in Preloved Bridal. Once the form has been completed on the 'Sell your dress' page, we will review your request and get back to you within 2 business days. In the mean time please have a read through our sales agreement below and check you are happy with the terms and conditions.

Privacy & Safety
Pretty In Preloved Bridal – Sales Agreement

This Agreement is made on the date of the last signature set out below.



  1. *Name* of *Address* (the Client) and

  2. Pretty In Preloved Bridal, a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number XXXXX whose registered address is XXXXX (the Company).


  1. These words and phrases have defined meanings:

Agreement: This document including any amendments;

Effective Date: The date of signature of this agreement;

Confidential information: All confidential information (however recorded or preserved) disclosed by either party to the other party concerning the disclosing party’s a) business, affairs, customers, clients, suppliers, plans, intentions, or market opportunities; b) operations, processes, Item information, know-how, designs, trade secrets or software and c) any information developed under this agreement.

Sale Target: The minimum reserve price for the item(s) as set out in schedule 3 or as the parties otherwise agree in writing;

Net Price: The price for the Items actually charged to the customer excluding any (i) value added or other sales tax and (ii) transport, insurance charges and rebates, included in the price;

Item: The items described in schedule 1 of this agreement and any other items which the principal allows the Company to sell under this agreement;

Quarter: Each period of three calendar months ending on March 31, June 30, September 30 or December 31

Year: The period of 12 months from the Effective Date and each consecutive period of 12 months for this period of this agreement.


  1. Unless the context requires a different interpretation:

  1. All singular words include plural ones and vice versa;

  2. All references to paragraph, sub-paragraphs, schedules or appendices are to the ones in the agreement;

  3. All references to a person includes firms, companies, government entities, trusts and partnerships;

  4. The term ‘including’ does not exclude anything not listed;

  5. All references to statutory provisions include any changes to those provisions;

Basis of appointment 
  1. The Client appoints the Company to sell the Item(s) on the terms of this Agreement and both parties accept the appointment of these terms. 

  2. The Company will not purchase items from the Client. The Company instead provides a service to sell items on behalf of the Client for a selling fee.

Duration of Agreement
  1. The agreement commences on the Effective Date and continues until either party serves a notice to end it as permitted under the Agreement.

Company’s obligations
  1. The Company must:

  1. Use it’s best endeavours to promote and sell the Items with all due care and diligence. The Company can negotiate and enter agreements for the sale of the Items in the name of, and on behalf of, the Client without prior reference to the Client.

  2. Refer to itself as ‘an agent’ of the client in all dealings with the Items.

  3. Maintain, at it’s own expense, appropriate premises, stores, administration facilities and systems necessary to carry out its duties under this Agreement; 

  4. employ dedicated personnel to carry out its duties under this Agreement, including attending trade exhibitions and conducting sale appointments at the Company’s premises with potential customers to promote and sell the Items;

  5. communicate with the Client to discuss the selling of the Items and arrange payment to the Client once funds have cleared.

Client obligations
  1. The Client must:

  • Book an evaluation with the Company to have the item(s) reviewed and agree a price to sell the item for.

  • Provide the following information to the Company to aid the sale and marketing of the item(s);

  • Make/design of the dress

  • Size

  • Colour

  • Age (Dresses older then 5 years will not be accepted)

  • Original price if known

  • The target price the Client would like to achieve.

  • Photographs of the item

  • Height in heels (Dresses shorter than 5 foot 6 with heels will not be accepted)

  1. Act dutifully and in good faith in its relations with the Company

  2. Ensure item(s) are fully cleaned and in mint condition before delivering them to the Company premises.

  3. Arrange, at its own expense, the delivery of items to the Company’s premises.

  4. Where appropriate, inform the Company within a reasonable time of any problems about being able to meet its obligations under this agreement;

  5. Communicate efficiently with the Company in regards to any queries relating to the Items.

  6. Pay the nominal registration fee of £20 per item to cover the cost of admin, insurance, storage, photography and marketing. If the item sells this will be deducted from the commission the Company receives and returned to the Client. 

  7. Give authority for the Company to photograph the Item(s) for use on the Company’s social media and website.

  8. Give authority for the Item to be used at Bridal Catwalks & Events.

  9. Not advertise the item(s) at a cheaper price if also advertising the sale of the item elsewhere.


Minimum Sales Target
  1. The Parties can agree to amend the Minimum Sales Target at any time.

  2. If the Company fails to achieve the Minimum Sales Target, the Client can end the Agreement under the paragraph below (termination).

Commission and Payment
  1. In consideration of the obligations undertaken by the Company under this Agreement, the Client agrees to pay the Company commission equal to 40% of the Net Price of all Item(s) sold by the Company on behalf of the Client. 

  2. Commission payments owed to the Company will be deducted from the sale price before profit is returned to the Client. 

  3. Balance of monies owed to the Client will be transferred to a bank account of their choice, once funds have cleared to the Company from the Customer. Usually within 3-5 working days. 

  4. Confirmation of sale will be shared to the Client’s preferred email address. Confirmation of sale will include final sale price, deduction of Company’s commission.

Compliance with laws, regulations and insurance
  1. The Company must maintain adequate product liability insurance for any Items held at the Company premises on behalf of the Client.

  2. The Company is responsible for obtaining any licences, registrations, permits or approvals necessary or advisable for the promotion, sale and supply of the items supplied by the Client.

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